Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oh Buoy!

Sometimes, it can be the simple things that give us joy. An unusual activity which we haven't witnessed before can entertain and amuse us if we stop, take a moment and appreciate it.

I have been curious about how the boats got back into the water at the marina. When we took the dog for a walk several days ago, I noted that the boats were already aligned on the pier all the way to the lighthouse. In fact, they were set up two abreast and extremely close to one another. I must say that I'm now left wondering how that was done.

I guessed that this would be my last opportunity of the season to take a photo of the empty spits and the glassy mirror-like water before the area once again became rife with boat and summer tourist activity.

The morning of April 29th came. It was the day of the scheduled boat launch. As sure as the robins return in the springtime, the crane made its appearance.

One by one, it hoisted the boats into the air and placed them gingerly into the water. Now, the owners were left in charge of getting the motors started and returning their vessel to the appropriate "parking spot".

Finally, as the last boat was deposited into the water, many of the marina spits were occupied and the pier was empty once again.

As I walked in the opposite direction of the marina, I viewed the shore of the lake. The sand was piled high ready to be spread. The trailer park was still empty. I wondered when and how those enormous trailors return to the beach. Perhaps I'll be fortunate enough to be there when they do.

Rows and rows of huge trailers with foundations are parked here every summer. The sites are indicated with white posts and there are several more "streets" behind where I was standing for this photo. 

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