Friday, May 11, 2012

Duck, Duck, Goose?

I found out recently that there was some added activity at our local hospital. A mother duck had laid her eggs in the central courtyard. She was a very optimistic and fertile duck, clearly of above average intelligence. She selected a tranquil and undisturbed enclosed area to become a mother of 13. Mom and her new brood were then safely transported 2 km south to the lake.

Hospital experiences unusual multiple birth - Northumberland Today - Ontario, CA

Upon hearing this, I made it my quest to seek out the mom and babies. I thought they should be easy to locate near the duck and goose hang out, away from the boats and west of the lighthouse. It was a lovely day, so I braved the gnats and ventured along the sandy spit where my feathered friends usually greet me. No ducks. I saw a few geese and then something huge and white way off in the distance. I wandered toward it.

I remembered the olden days, camping with my parents. Sites were not as sophisticated as they are now, so we often "bathed" in the lake. With this flashback in mind, my brain processed the object as one of the local seniors washing himself in the water. I saw his arm reaching toward his back. I hesitated to get much closer. Wait, that's ridiculous I realized. My logical self decided that not even the hardiest of northern Europeans could be doing such a thing at this time of the year, so I kept walking.

The image became clearer. I felt foolish when I was finally able to focus on it. Here's what was washing itself in the water.

"I'm watching you!"
 It seemed none too impressed that I was encroaching on its
territory and observing the bathing ritual.

"GO AWAY! A little privacy please."

At the risk of either being attacked from behind or possibly having a photo taken of me with a lighthouse sticking out of my head, I decided that this was a moment I wanted to remember. Fortunately, it did not become my swan song.

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