Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Old Lady, New Layout

I hate change. Although I didn't really mind it then, I have had to be flexible throughout enough of my life. Now I just want to carry on with the old and the familiar. I have managed to avoid most of the Facebook "new looks" and even now, I'm one of the holdouts on their timeline page. I dislike the timeline style of Facebook and won't peruse anyone's info if they have this particular layout. It's confusing, chaotic and hard to follow. My old Facebook page is linear and shall remain so. Odd, since it's not in my nature to appreciate things sequential and orderly.

I logged onto "Blogger" this morning because I have ohhhhhhh so much to write about and to share. I wasn't certain whether to begin here, or with more TripAdvisor reviews. After I signed in and read about Katie's latest adventures on my favourite blog "Baking My Way Through Germany", I  accidentally clicked on "Get Our New Look" which surreptitiously popped up while my eyes were still half shut. I am now attempting to make this work for me.

As I type, I'm thinking this is pretty simple and clear. All I have to do is find where everything has been relocated. I had a lot of "drafts" of thingwritings which were under construction. I hope I can still find those. Other than that, I'm satisfied with this very large new typing surface. All the options are still available. The page keeps expanding as my blog grows in length...works for me. Perhaps old and familiar isn't always best.

Now, I'd better run. There's a lot of raccoon activity happening at my neighbour's. He just borrowed a trouble light and I smell the potential for another blog. 

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