Friday, March 30, 2012

Bermuda Shorts Part Two

There are no rental cars available in Bermuda. For the brave, there are mopeds and bicycles. Driving is on the left side of very steep and winding roads. Travel around the islands is not a huge problem since there are a multitude of ferries, buses and taxis.

 Short #2 - Transportation

The hotel included two types of transportation. Trolleys were on hotel grounds, but were not allowed on public streets. They delivered guests to the ends of various roads. They also dropped people off at the beach.
A hotel ferry, for guests only, took passengers showing hotel keys on a scenic ride to and from Hamilton, Bermuda a few times a day.                           

Taxis can get costly. They are good for short trips, when one is dressed up for the evening, or to remain safe from crazy moped driving tourists. For example, I went to a restaurant in the evening and took a cab from the hotel. It cost $7 including tip each way. Of course, it probably cost $5 just to get off the hotel grounds, but nonetheless, not a terrible deal.
The Bermuda buses and ferries are relatively fast and efficient. I bought a three day unlimited pass for $28. Showing the pass was simpler than using tickets and trying to figure out fare zones. One and two day passes were also available. Travelling around was easier once I remembered to stand on the proper side of the street. Hamilton is central and has the main bus and ferry terminals. Buses that stop at any pink bus stops will take a passenger toward Hamilton. Those which stop at a blue stops are travelling away from Hamilton.
The public ferrries are fairly luxurious.

    Of course, no matter what the mode of transportation, the scenery is always magnificent.

Bermuda is pink and white, with lush green
 vegetation and blue water.
 The sand really is pink.
The buildings are mostly white or pink.

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