Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bermuda Shorts

I recently mentioned to hubby that I was interested in attending to a weekend craft show in London. That would be London, Ontario. Perhaps it was the British connection, or the thought that it would cost as much to go to London as someplace better, that prompted him to say, "Why don't you go someplace good Bermuda?"

Well, you don't need to say something like that to me twice. I immediately researched Bermuda and learned much. I made lists and printed off sites, shopping, and restaurant locations. I selected a Westjet Vacation, 4 day, three night package and booked the second least expensive property available. As it turned out, using a Westjet Vacation was an extremely good choice. It included all transfers as well as hotel and tourist taxes...a considerable saving.

Short #1-Fairmont Southampton

The second least expensive hotel happened to be a Fairmont! There are high expectations in Bermuda.

The Fairmont Southampton sits atop a hill on 100 acres of property. It has a world class golf course, tennis courts, pools, a spa, superior restaurants, long windy roads, a beach and much more. I highly recommend this hotel if you are a thirty year old fitness instructor, an olympic athlete, or if you have successfully scaled Mt. Kilamanjaro at least once. From a "five minute" walk away and just off the property, it looks like this.

As you crawl up the hill toward the hotel on your way back from the "five minute walk", it looks more like this.
When you finally get to the lobby it looks like this.
And then when you arrive in the Jasmine Lounge desperate to rehydrate, it looks like this.

Link from tripadvisor outlining details and my opinion of this hotel......

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