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Bermuda Shorts - The Last Post


Bermudian money and U.S. money are interchangeable in Bermuda. If you must separate your cash, put all the pretty coloured bills and the coins with queen heads in one wallet. Place all drab green money and coins with president heads into another. This can be helpful because should you have any remaining  U.S. funds when you leave Bermuda, (highly unlikely) it will be more universally usable. Unless you want souvenirs, try to use the Bermudian money up while you are there (easy to do). 


I remember reading about the cost of food in Bermuda. Just as there are no rental cars, there are no fast food establishments allowed in Bermuda. The exception is a KFC which had arrived before the law was introduced. There was a suggestion on the internet that the least expensive place for dinner was at one of the hospital cafeterias. I say that if you feel you will need to resort to this, you can't afford to go to Bermuda.  Although it was not quite as bad as I had feared, finding reasonable and good food did require a bit of effort and asking around.

Since a basic hotel breakfast with 17% gratuity costs between $20-25, there needed to be a "Plan B". A little place called "Common Ground", was recommended by a souvenir shop owner in Hamilton. It was a charming cafe/deli/coffee shop with acceptable prices. I had a large toasted bacon and egg sandwich on whole wheat for $6.50. Tea or coffee was $2. Reasonable by any city's standards.

Another good choice was "The Hog Penny".  The Bermudian chowder is amazing although it didn't hurt that the waitress poured the equivalent of half a glass of rum on top of it.

Here is my tripadvisor review.

Henry VIII pub and restaurant was ok, although I wouldn't particularly recommend it. It was near the hotel, pricey and not what I expected. My favourite part of the meal was the creme brulee and since it was so dark in the restaurant by dessert time, I took a flash photo so I could see it.

Here is my tripadvisor review.

My final word on the food would be to eat a larger meal at one of the pub type restaurants at noon and then stick to an appetizer or snack in the evenings when the more expensive meals and prices seem to come out of the woodwork along with the more formal clothing. About $100 a day, per person for food is not unusual.


As unbelievable as it may sound, there are bargains to be had in Bermuda. If you steer away from the designer outlets and head for the department stores during the "off season", there are some great sales. Places like A.S. Cooper & Sons, Gibbons Company, and Marks and Spencer were good. Gibbons Company has a huge store in Hamilton and several smaller outlets in places like the Naval Dockyard and in hotels.

I purchased 3 things in Bermuda...a designer skirt which had been halved in price many times and now cost $15, a gombey ornament, and some Marks and Spencer fudge for hubby.

*** Helpful hint for those interested in the "authentic" Bermudian rum cake. Buy it at the factory in the Naval Dockyards. The duty free store at the airport is almost non existent, has very little of anything and is only opened briefly after the employees which have checked you in, take and screen your luggage. The same employees then show up to unlock it and show you their lean duty free choices. I feel terrible...hubby had to miss out on his souvenir rum soaked fruitcake.


The Bermuda gombey is a symbol of Bermudian culture influenced by African, Native American and West Indian cultures as well as the Bible, British Military and English Mummers. Originally, it was performed on the two days a year (Boxing Day and New Years' Day) when slaves were not required to work. In a gombey performance, costumed performers dance to a wildly energetic drum beat. The feathered headdresses, masks and tassels are meant to represent the plummage of birds. This dance is often seen at weddings and other celebrations throughout the island.

While at the hotel, there was a very fast moving gombey parade. My camera flash was off and it didn't capture the "full force" of the event.

One of the hotel managers explained about the hats which were created by a hotel chef in preparation for the Bermudian buffet breakfast.

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