Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Working Out West

For two weeks, I had the pleasure of living in a hotel and working west of the city. I was thrilled to dwell in the lap of luxury. My room had a spacious kitchen and breakfast nook. It was so large that I never did locate the fridge or microwave. Instead, I used a small cooler filled with ice and a coffee maker for hot water. As you can see, there was only a slight lack of kitchen cabinetry.

My living room, entertainment area and bedroom were equally plush. The colours were lovely...a distinctive shade of vintage (aka 1970's) orange. I won't go into detail about the powder room except to say that I had to turn sideways to get through the door and stand in the tub to brush my teeth. 

The view from my window was simply spectacular in every direction. Sometimes, I could see the CN tower. I felt that I could almost touch it...especially when I used the telephoto lens. 


CN Tower South View

Each morning, we were greeted by a coach to take us to our work site. I opted to walk the one mile uphill and down, through traffic, aircraft noise, chaos and across three highway ramps because I didn't want to be spoiled by the magnificent transit option. Besides that, I saw and learned so much along the way that I couldn't help but find each day's trek totally enjoyable.

For example, one day, I noted a police officer reporting on some damaged property. By the time I walked back later in the day, the problem had been repaired...as if it had never happened.

Once at the work site/warehouse, we were treated to more lovely facilities. This is the female side.

I am pleased to say that I used some of my time creatively. I was the envy of the workplace when during one very cold day, I took my dollar store gloves and a knife which I had in my lunch bag. I invented a way of wearing my right glove while still allowing me to work.

All in all, it was a productive two weeks. For those who know what I was doing, great. For those who don't, it was a top secret government operation. I can't speak of it in further detail since I signed a confidentiality agreement. Lest you wonder, it had nothing to do with either Charlie Sheen or the royal wedding.

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