Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm Reading Writing, So I'm Rarely Writing

I am currently living away from home scoring tenth grade literacy tests. It has put a crimp in my blog writing time. I am however, gathering plenty of material for future use. Most days, I have walked a mile each way to and from the work site. I have seen much and learned much about the big city. Since I am living near the airport, I took this photo one evening while trekking back to my hotel.
A balance of tree, moon and airplane.
The picture looks so peaceful and yet, the sounds of traffic, jets and horn honking were deafening. I have learned that many city people have no patience. They honk or give others the finger for what I would consider no reason. Not that I haven't used the occasional "car word" under my breath while driving, but in the cases which I noted, there was no just cause to be annoyed. Many people are tourists and strangers around the airport area and hotel strip. Locals should realize that and be a little more considerate and tolerant when people slow down to search for a street or when they don't zoom through a light to make a potentially hazardous left turn in an unfamiliar area.
Hordes of Photographers

One of my adventures included going to the Doubletree Inn after hearing that the Prime Minister would be appearing there. Unfortunately I found out after the 1 p.m. deadline for registration. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan. I do like taking advantage of opportunites. After hearing of the latest Tory stunt, which was asking people to dress in "native" garb and show up for photo ops with the prime minister, I realized there might be some interesting happenings. Here's what I found.                                        

A multitude of protestors

One or Two Election Signs

People who try to say that either New York City or Los Angeles have congestion and terrible rush hours have clearly never driven on the twelve to sixteen lanes of  Hwy 401 in Toronto, And yes, I have driven in both those places as well as Washington D.C...also no picnic. Last night, I attempted to drive home. It was not a weekday and it was not morning or evening rush hour. It was in fact, a Saturday and it was late afternoon. This is how it looked. I was stopped, parked in fact when I took the photos.

After several hours of driving, I arrived home where hubby welcomed me with a martini and served me a lovely souvlaki dinner. This morning, the sun was shining. Reports on the weather channel claimed it was raining in our town...remnants of storms in Oklahoma they said. We decided to go for a walk at the lake. By the time we got there ten minutes later, clouds were blowing in, huge waves crashed onto the pier and birds flapped frantically in their attempts to fly. We noted evidence of work on the beach and wondered how soon the warm weather would come so that people might once again enjoy the lakeside area. When the hail started, we ran for cover.  


Tonight, it's back to the hotel for another four days of work. I can't believe that a whole week went by and I didn't have the energy to take advantage of being in the big city. I think that this week, there'll be a trip to the Rogers Centre by this Blue Jays fan. There's nothing I enjoy more than seeing my Jays trounce Adam's Yankees.  

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