Thursday, April 21, 2011

One of These Things is Not Like the Others...

I came back home from two weeks away at work and because of the upcoming long weekend, I went to pick up a few things at the supermarket. I parked around the side of the Metro store rather than in the busy front lot. When I came out of the store, this is what I saw. My car had multiplied !

I set down my grocery bag, grabbed the camera which is always in my purse and took the photo. As I did, I said to myself, "This is almost funny."

When I heard a voice behind me answer "No, it's not that funny,"  I realized that once again I had been speaking to myself far too loudly. I noticed a gentleman stare at the vehicles and select the one on the right.

I pointed at the styrofoam baseball on my car's aerial and announced, this time to the male audience, "I find this helps." He nodded, smiled and drove off.

"I also have a personalized license plate," I said smuggly before I caught myself and looked around relieved that there was nobody listening this time. I hopped into my car, gave the red air freshener sneaker a flick toward the mirror, smiled proudly and headed home.

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