Friday, June 12, 2015

Prize Night, Southern Style

I've been a bit slow with my postings of late. Once again, life's events, a death in the family, company and so on, not to mention the unstable condition of my computer have slowed me down. I am currently connected to the cyber world through a cord. Imagine that...a cord! My computer refuses to recognize wifi.

So here's the result which follows my last blog.

First born and I took GO transit to CNE. We walked, and walked, climbed, crossed, and walked. After we passed the new soccer stadium and traversed several roads, we scaled a concrete barrier, the reason will be taking place this weekend. (        
We took a bridge over Lakeshore Blvd. and eventually arrived at the Molson Amphitheatre.

I immediately noted that I was too generously dressed. Sleeveless mini skirts and daisy dukes abounded. Plaid shirts, cowboy hats, denim, and boots were the norm. I muttered to myself as I wore my layers, carried my coat, and saw the outdoor venue. "They'll be sorry."

I was soon in a better mood when I saw the box seat section. We appeared to be under a roof and in prime real estate in view of the stage. There was even a counter type table for our all inclusive drinking and dining evening. We were now ready for the Darius Rucker Southern Style Tour.
After meeting our hostess and benefactor from the Wonderlist contest, we sat and perused the menu. We were told to order what we wanted and she would pay at the end of the evening. Pizza would be served when all prize winners arrived.

Being Canuks and not wanting to be too rude, we opted for a delicious appetizer sized bag of popcorn and a couple of Eristof lemon/vodka drinks, in cans.
As we were munching, the first band began to play. My ears throbbed. It was loud. It was unharmonious and it did not give me a sense of cowboy music. Instead, it sounded like a thousand horses. Coincidentally, the name of the group was....A Thousand Horses. Appropriate I thought.

We had time for a selfie prior to the next act,  Brothers Osborne. I think I liked this group and could potentially listen to them again. On the other hand, perhaps they were just more acceptable than the horses. When this group was finished, it was still daylight, but lake effect cooling began. I smiled knowingly as I slipped on my jacket.
Two huge pizzas greeted us prior to Brett Eldredge.  "Hello, I'm pepperoni", said one, while the other remained laid back before announcing its vegetarian status.
Not only was this singer quiet and melodic, he wasn't too tough to look at either. Perhaps I could become a country fan after all.

The crowd linked arms and swayed to the music. They lined up for overpriced food and drinks as we continued to enjoy our personalized service, our $37 pizzas, $8 popcorn and our $10.75 drinks. What a great prize.

Finally came the main event Darius Rucker! The performance was wonderful and very entertaining. I was starting to realize that I could easily become a country fan. The crowds were friendly and out for a good time. Harmless fun. There were no violent or inciting lyrics.
I hated to suggest leaving at around 10:30. Fortunately, the show was almost over. We could avoid the crowds and get the next GO train for the great two hour trek back home.

It was a lovely evening and time well spent with my first born. I'm glad she entered the contest. Now, I'll be off to see what kind of denim and plaid I can acquire for when Blake Shelton comes to town.

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