Monday, June 29, 2015

My Summer To-Do List

I read several versions of summer bucket lists. I like the idea, but not the terminology. Bucket list to me implies, things to do before I die. I hope I'm still here in the Fall.

A friend suggested that making such a list puts pressure or added stress. I don't see it that way. I find it a good way to organize my thoughts and ideas. I can come back to my list anytime and say "Oh yes...forgot about that." Or, if I have nothing to do, I can find something and cross it off the list. I don't see any of it as obligatory...all optional. It helps to keep me from frittering away summer days doing nothing especially since summer goes by so quickly.

I can't see making a list of ridiculous, time consuming things. But then, who am I to judge someone else's interests? If someone really feels they want to have a weed picking contest, or a frozen t-shirt competition, go for it. Perhaps others will think my list is silly.

It has taken me some time to get going on this, primarily because it seems to have taken some time for summer to get going this year. Even now, I'm not certain that we're there. Nonetheless, here are some of my plans. Some cost money, others don't. Watch for additions of ideas as they pop into my head or activities come to my attention. Right now, I just want to get what I have out there. Some sound like chores because they are. Nonetheless, it feels good to get those done and crossed off a list. I'm excited. Let's see how many I will do. Some things might even be worth doing more than once.

1.  Go to NYC and see the 9/11 museum (done, see previous blog)
2.  Get a mani pedi each month of the summer (June done, July, August done)
3.  Go to Laveanne Lavender Fields (no lavender before I left, too late now might go anyhow)
4.  Have high tea at Stillwater on the Lake (didn't but a friend did)
5.  Enjoy Canada Day festivities and attend Cobourg Waterfront exhibits (free bands, parade, men falling from the sky etc.
6.  Take a tour bus to the Maritimes and Newfoundland (booked)
7.  Visit the Toronto Textile Museum to see Frida Callo photographs and Picasso exhibit
8.  See Adam Sandler movie Pixels...not because it's good but because it was filmed in Cobourg (there are others I'd rather see)
9.  Go to Hastings auction and take stuff there
10. Remove chairs from stepmom's condo
11. Roseneath Fair and/or go see carousel (Sept. 25... I hear it's a good one. I'll add it to my fall list..done)
12. Stone wrapping, Port Hope (too expensive to wrap rocks) (done in October)
13. McMichael Gallery to see special exhibits esp. Norval MorrisseauWoodland School Artists
14. Go to view the Blue Jays annual trouncing of Yankees (Aug) Not a trouncing but 3-1 ain't bad
15. Get busy writing least one a week (hopefully more about these experiences)
16. Clean my office, storage room, garage etc. (on the list all the time)...not happening. I have an alien lifeform in the basement and in my office. More on that in another blog coming entitled "Aliens and Other Basement Dwellers"
17. Organize photographs (this has been a work in progress, making good progress)See excuse after #16
18. Krinos taste of the Danforth Aug. 7-9 (Did tastes on Danforth with my friend in conjunction with seeing Kahlo exhibit and wrote tripadvisor reviews).
19. CNE (haven't been in years) Aug. 21-Sept. 7
20.  Ribfest - go to one of these and actually eat some ribs (Aug. 14-16) nope
21. Go browse in Warkwarth, just because
22. Go look at sandcastles on the beach (Aug. 1) OR register to build one
23. Listen to some of the concerts in the and in other towns
24. Visit Dorothy's House, Historical Museum in Garden Hill
25.  Go to a friend's cottage, if I'm ever invited...hang out for a day (hope hanging for an hour and a half counts)
26.  Visit PT Barnum's house....I've driven past, never been inside
27.  Go to Alpaca Vista ranch Grafton
28.  Go to one of the many summer theatres - Westben, Cobourg Firehall etc. Enjoy a show.
29.  Primitive Designs has new displays which I haven't seen....giant dinos and the like
30.  Read 4 books (hopefully more but the point of goals is to make them attainable)
31.  Lose 10 pounds
32.  Go to the German Embassy and find out how one becomes a citizen.
33.  Find the Cranston gallery in Bloomfield and find out where it got its name
34.  Practice my ukelele so that I might rejoin the Cukes now that I can see
35.  Play a round of golf or my version of it or maybe even mini golf.
36. Go to Canadian Canoe Museum (it's supposed to be more interesting than it sounds)
37.  Edwards Gardens summer music concerts
38.  Blow bubbles.
39.  Go to Ripley's aquarium
40.  Write some letters...the old fashioned anyone that inspires me. I now have paper.
41.   Fly a kite someplace.
42.   Play badminton, croquet, or horseshoes (we have these games stashed away someplace)
43.   Bake something exotic....NOT macarons.
44.   Pick some berries (there's a blueberry place near Orono I've wanted to visit).
45.   Hang out at the library and look at those old fashioned things....books
46.   Play a street piano (not sure if they exist this year) they exist, blog to follow
47.   Spend a day taking photos...plants, animals, buildings, street pianos. Go to whatever surrounding moves me
48.   Have a picnic somewhere.
49.   Anyone have a karaoke machine? a scene from my favourite movie with a friend.
50.   Go to the drive in. (8 years here and I've never been to one that's 2 km away)

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