Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TripAdvisor Reviews

I have begun my reviews for our last trip. I think I'll stick to two, just two. I don't feel the inclination to do an more. If a place is memorable or unusual I will do a review. If it's either unacceptable or outstanding, I'll complete a review.

Here's a place with the world's best pizza. This is their claim and it might just possibly be true. Of course there's no proof since nobody could possibly taste every pizza in the world. On the other hand, I think they're on fairly safe ground with their claim. Hungry fisherpersons will certainly attest to that. Nobody had ever done a review on "The Best Gosh Dam Place" so it took some time to get the first one, mine, approved. Some verifications were needed. I also submitted photos.


 I completed a review about a restaurant in Northern Ontario on Lake Superior. Lovely place with great potential. Food and service could use some improvement.


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