Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Not Gone, Just Busy

It may look as though I haven't written any blogs lately. That's because I haven't. The truth is, I have been busy with ohhhhhhh so many projects. I've helped my son pack up his belongings and move out of his place. He'll be off to the west end of Toronto and thus live closer to his work. Well actually, he'll move soon. In the meantime, his possessions are at his dad's, at his girlfriend's and in his van. Fortunately, we avoided helping with storage since we are already filled to the brim with my daughter's belongings.

I have, however, been adding to previous blogs. For example, I took and added many more pictures to "On the wings..." about the doves in my planter. I also added a photo to "Paying to shop..." and to the "Cobourg Pianos".

My July column was on my long list of deadlines. As usual, I procrastinated but finished it on schedule. I eagerly await the newspaper to see how my words will actually appear. I have written about the current lack of cursive writing instruction in schools where technology and keyboarding have replaced this skill.

And finally, I've made time for family and friends. We've had a few family dinners and a bit of travel of late. More on that later...when the next cluster of blogs finally appear.

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