Friday, February 15, 2013

Salamander's for Valentine's

I don't know what inspires me to write a tripadvisor review. I've certainly been to my share of places that could be reviewed. Sometimes, I feel compelled. Sometimes I don't. This time, I did.

Hubby mentioned a restaurant in Kemptville which was on our way home from Ottawa. He'd been there before and it overlooked a river. He warned me that the food was not average but more along the specialty lines since they had a great chef. Fine with me. We searched for the restaurant and we found it.

I was so pleasantly surprised that this gem existed in a small town that I wrote a review about my Valentine's Day experience. It's not clever or funny. It just is what it was.

I also posted the following photos. So if you're ever in Kemptville...check it out.

Second dining room (our side had booths)

Yummy and totally home made

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