Monday, December 3, 2012

Computer Chaos, Gmail , Blogs and Obsolete Junk

For various reasons which shall remain semi new cell phone...picassa photos...and more, I was forced to create a Gmail account. This account has now taken over my life. In fact, it's a miracle that I was able to get into my blog page at all. Well, actually, not much of a miracle. I used a different computer and was very sneaky. Computers know. Computers communicate with each other. Computers try to get you.

Just to clarify, I'm not paranoid. I am just realizing how many connections are missing...not from the computer but from my brain. So why does my trusty laptop now think I'm a totally different person wanting to create a brand new blog? I don't know. I don't want to try to find out. Basically, it won't let me back into my three year old blog. I might have to start over someplace else soon.

I have developed an old person's perspective. I am entitled. I've seen technology come and go and come and go. Can you say slides, 8 mm, super 8 film, betamax....? The list goes on and I have previously written about much of it.

Hubby recently told me that I'd better get my blogs printed off before they disappear. The thing is, I could save them on a stick, I could save them in a cloud, I could save them....on paper! Paper, what a novel idea. With all this technology changing daily, who's going to bother with other methods? To me, if it's tangible, it exists. If it's on little gadgets, cartridges, sticks or lost in space somewhere, who knows?

Yesterday, my daughter and boyfriend came over. We watched video cassettes of when she was a baby. Video cassettes...something else that will soon create more landfill junk as the capability to view them will no longer exist. Fortunately, we still have a player. Unfortunately, the picture was blurry and distorted on our high def t.v.

So, I shall spend some time printing my old blogs and placing them in a binder. It's not that they're of any huge value to anyone once I'm gone. But the thing is, I might want to amuse myself by reading about my escapades when I'm in "the home". By then, I surely won't have the capability or the opportunity to locate them through some future electronic method.

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