Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I have to laugh. People are totally getting to know me. I can tell by their gift giving. This just goes to show that it's not true what they say about seniors. We don't have everything and need nothing. I can honestly say that prior to this year, I did not own any of these items. Not only that, I am using or will use every last one. As one of my friends said, "old people don't only need items that have medicinal properties."  How true.

A gift from hubby. This bug is a garden ornament but is so great that I couldn't wait until spring. It now adorns one of my houseplants.

A sleep mask and handwarmers that look like pigs. Who doesn't need these wonderful and unique items? My friend presented them to me. Then we tried to think of as many pig expressions we could..."when pigs fly", "pig in a poke", and "this little piggy..."

I love the socks from my stepdaughter. In fact, they match my favourite nutcracker earrings. I have to ask though, "Do these socks make my dog look fat?"

My son knows that I'm an English language stickler. He got me this book full of amusing photos with captions demonstrating the correct and incorrect use of "quotations". Funny, entertaining, and yet, sad.



And now for the more elegant items. This is a great Terry's boutique string scarf. It has several uses and can be worn many ways. Besides converting to a belt, it can hang down, be tied loosely, knotted tightly and more. The strings contain my favourite colours. It has sparkle and sheen. I've already had compliments on it and I will be wearing it often.

This table cloth and a matching runner came from another friend. Lovely and seasonal.

I hope that everyone has been as blessed as I to have such wonderful friends and family that know me so well. Continued happy holidays to all.

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