Friday, September 30, 2011

Simple Minds

There's a saying "simple things amuse simple minds". I suppose that clearly explains why so many things entertain me. I don't find this to be an offensive quote. In fact, just the opposite, particularly in view of another saying that goes, "only boring people get bored."

I have a cell phone. This is not big news since over two thirds of the population of Canada has cell phones. Many of these technological marvels are much more sophisticated than mine. Doesn't matter. I like mine. I can text and I can talk. That's all I need at this point, although I know my phone has much more untapped potential.
While searching for the volume control recently, I found a "display" feature that amused me. I immediately saved it so that I might view it whenever I wanted to use my phone. It was a monkey sitting on a bench, trees in the background. Monkey did nothing. He just sat. One day, I looked at my phone and saw the monkey's tail move. I stared in disbelief wondering how to get him to do that again. Another day, I noticed a duck swimming back and forth in front of the monkey. And on yet another occasion, there was a city instead of the small forest behind the monkey. Cool ! 
Monkey on bench, duck in lower foreground
When I left the phone turned on but plugged it in for charging, I made the best discovery of all. A cherry picker type of machine brought a banana, the monkey tilted his head back, opened his mouth and gulped the banana. Wow ! This was far better than a video game. It required no effort and there was no possibility of losing the game. It got even better as the monkey's tummy started displaying signs of having eaten by filling up. I especially enjoyed his facial expressions as he anticipated the arrival of the next banana.

When monkey was finished eating, and the battery was fully charged, he went back to his spot, awaiting the arrival of his bench so that he might rest once again.

There might be some people with phones that have advanced graphics or gaming capabilities who wonder why this entertains me. There might be others who look at me and wonder how much my brain matter has deteriorated since I've retired. I, on the other hand, am simply looking at and being amused by the wonder of that which is a simple thing.

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