Friday, September 23, 2011

Missing Blogs...Updated Digs

There are a few activities that keep me from blogging. These include travel, opportunities for new experiences and/or adventures, fun with friends, assorted hobbies and being home alone. This past week, it was the latter. I was left to my own devices. Hubby has figured out that there's usually some surprise every time he gets back from a trip. Here's the most recent.

Our bedroom is small and has been drab, beige and out of date. I decided to remedy this situation. I did nothing too drastic. The wall colour I selected was based on hubby's opinion as "nice". I made my decor choices using two criteria. As mentioned, the paint shade had prior approval. I needed a co-ordinating colour so I checked some home decor magazines and finally, the colour wheel. I know you're supposed to select colours that are generally opposite on the wheel.
Another criteria which I have recently heard intrigued me. When you want two colours in a room and can't decide which two to put together, think of the colours on fruit and vegetables. It works. is my veggie choice.
Although I would have preferred the aubergine as an accent wall behind the bed, I decided to stick with a lighter shade of "Shrek green" and use the eggplant shade for accessories.

After I mentioned on facebook, that I "made a mess" friends commented and requested photos. It didn't occur to me to take any pictures until that point, so here goes. This is more of a "during" rather than a before shot.

I had to work in tight spaces and figure out how to move heavy furniture by myself.

I have now managed to reassemble everything and am fairly pleased with the results. A few things are still going to be done. I'm planning on painting a mural for over the bed and replacing a cheval mirror with a wall mounted one. A small perfume cabinet needs to be repainted to match the furniture and added to the wall decor. I like it a lot and hope hubby does too.  And yes, I still had time left this week to spend with friends.

White, Green and Aubergine!

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  1. I haven't heard of taking the color from vegetables before.The colors turned out great.