Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Zumba Shirt Creation

One of my favourite new physical activities is Zumba. When I first went to this particular class at my gym, it was advertised as follows. "Ditch the Workout, Join the Party!" It attracted my interest. Fun is the name of the game and what can be better than singing, dancing, moving and acting foolish in dim lighting, while burning hundreds of calories?

At first, I wore a baggy t-shirt, track pants and running shoes. I have since learned that anyone who shows up in an outfit like that, is clearly a newbie. The more times I participate, the more "zumba-like" my clothing is becoming. I acquired the essential shoes fairly quickly (see post "Hip Hop Hilde" April 9, 2011). Recently, I decided that my shorts were too baggy so I shopped for some Lululemon crops, similar to bike shorts. I needed to complete my new look...flourescent socks and a zumba shirt. After doing a bit of research, here's a quick summary what this crazy lady created. 

I dug out an old shirt. I used a plate to make semi circles on each side and I cut slits toward the centre of the shirt. 
Then I cut the back of the shirt in a diamond pattern...small, bigger, smaller cuts and slit each reason, just felt like it...ease of movement. I cut off the collar and a chunk of the front and added a few slits.


Next, I wove the back once, didn't like it, so I wove it a second time. Weaving consisted of lifting one strip over the next and so on.

I double knotted the strips on the sides of the shirt.

The finished product looks like this. I particularly like the back. Not bad for my first effort. I just know my hips will shimmy faster and my zumba arms and legs will fly higher now that I have an official outfit.

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