Sunday, May 2, 2010

Who You Callin' An Antique?

I was recently in a hotel elevator, when two well dressed gentlemen in their 40's got on. "Wow, there's an antique", said one to the other while glancing my way furtively.

Shocked by the comment, and feeling particularly offended, I felt the need to reply. "Well, some antiques still have a lot of life and usefulness left in them." I rushed out at the 4th level and in my haste banged into the still opening elevator doors.

Ah, how satisfying when you are instantly able to come up with just the right comment in response to someone's rude observation. What ever happened to standing quietly, pushing a button and staring at the floor or ceiling in an elevator? Wouldn't that have been preferrable? "Yes indeed, I sure told them," I muttered as I strode down the hall quite pleased with myself.

As I reached for the room key card, I realized that I was holding my rather conspicuous 15 year old Sony walkman CD player in one hand. Oops. I could feel my face redden. Oh well, my comment still worked didn't it? In my head though, I instantly reverted to my teenaged years when dumb things coming out of my mouth were the norm. As a result, I decided to avoid taking the elevator for the next few days lest I bump into those same "boys".


  1. Hilde, Hilde, hilde, CD players are so 1990s. Seems a hip chick like you would be see the advantages of downloading music and video by now. I'm sure in the not too distant future, CDs and soon-to-follow DVDs will be stacked in your attic next the cassette tapes. When you do make the plunge, try to have bluetooth capability. By the way, you don't need a dedicated MP3 player. My Blackberry is an excellant music player (8 Gig storage capability), along with all the other entertainment features.

  2. Ha,ha...right. The cassettes are stacked right next to the records and the 8 tracks. Actually, I used to show records to kindergarten kids and ask them what they thought it was..."a big cd" was the most common answer although "frisbee" came a close second. Don't knock it, my cd player is great for library 'talking books' while I streetwalk. That's why I use it.