Monday, May 31, 2010

It's A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

Today was a great day for walking. I learned from a lady at a local clothing store that my map is outdated...just as I feared. Apparently, there are many more streets to cover than I originally thought. It's ok though because today and for some days to come, I'll be working on the south end of town and south means Lake Ontario. How peaceful and serene it was.

This is part of "The Waterfront Trail". I was nearing a dead end road and I noticed a path through the trees, then the bridge. Since I am curious, not to mention easily distracted (adult onset attention deficit disorder), I slid down the hill and wandered along the water. These tranquil quiet times are putting me behind schedule, but they are definitely worth it. Despite my best "google" effort, I am only able to identify this as "Cobourg Creek".
I decided to spare everyone my photo of the dead fish. There were a few along the shore of the creek. There were also raspberry bushes, birds singing, ducks swimming, wind rustling, squirrels playing and me, trying to keep from getting muddy.

While heading north toward my house, I spied and smelled hundreds of wildflowers in varying shades of mauve and purple. Just lovely.

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