Friday, April 8, 2016

Hangin' In and Where I've Been

For the one of you that still looks at my blog from time to time, yes...I'm still here. I don't have that much to say these days. Unusual for me. I have several projects on the go, both real and imaginary and as such have lost my will to write. Wait. That would never happen! Perhaps just my motivation, inspiration, and energy have temporarily gone in other directions. For example, I have been planning ahead (far ahead I hope) and have been composing the story of my life in three pages. I decided three pages will suffice to give an overview, and give me the last word. After all, people will be wanting to rush to get to the funeral sammaches.

I've also been studying our house to see what I might do to brighten and refresh the place. It's too beige and too boring. It makes me sad. I don't like boring and beige is so 1990's. I must say though that the modern florals and stripes with florals on florals and more stripes are not going to happen in this house.

Here's a follow up to my hive blog. I have hives. Did I mention that? I have had hives since the new year. After endless doctor visits, it has been determined that I have hives and am fortunate that they have improved slightly. "Some people have them for ten years," I was told by the allergist, in what she surely thought was a reassuring voice. Then she added, "You've only had them for 3 months." Wow...I felt so much better. Clearly I had won the hive lottery in some way. Or had I? After all, I still have them and now we're heading into the fourth month of 2016.

Tonight as I was bathing, I decided that I had probably sung and danced to Elton John's "Crocodile Rock" once too often. My decollete area (this word sounds better in French and the area looks better on a 25 year old), felt as if it were covered in scales. I keep thinking if I ignore the hives enough, they'll give up. No such luck. In fact, they rather multiply and become more persistent when I do that. They clearly demand attention.

A few weeks ago, at Easter time to be exact, we were in Germany. Their spring season has been delayed much as ours has, but nonetheless, it was a wonderful trip. We had great, albeit short visits with family. Here are a couple of my favourite photos. The first is the historic house in which I was born (historic because it was built in the 1500's not because I was born there). The second is a picture of the Schlosspark. On the hills toward the back of the picture lie two castles Windeck and Wachenburg. Hubby mentioned he'd never been up there despite previous visits. I was surprised, so we travelled to both castles, partial drive, partial climb. Needless to say, my knees launched a protest and the fitbit easily hit 13,000 steps that day.

Here's a view of my birth town looking down from one of the castles. Pretty isn't it?
I was fortunate to come away, as always, with some decor ideas, a few new recipes, and an idea of what hubby would really like for his birthday this year.

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