Monday, April 11, 2016

Garden Shows

Sometimes, when I think I've arrived at that point in life where my world and my activity level is starting to shrink, I panic. Then, after giving it some further thought, I realize it really hasn't. What has occurred is that I've become more discriminating and selective. This is possibly a good thing. After all, we want to make sure we use all remaining time on earth wisely don't we?

It's that time of year again, Spring. I'm grateful for each new one I get to experience. Although the threat of forecast snow for today does not thrill me, I know that there are those obsessed gardeners who are getting very restless if not frustrated. I'm not one of them. That's not to say I don't enjoy and appreciate pretty yards and flowers because I do.

Last month, I attended Canada Blooms at the CNE grounds in Toronto. Since I went with a friend, we had a wonderful time as we always do, taking advantage of photo ops with giant costumed bees and and staring at each other with curiosity and puzzlement over the garden club creations. Our enjoyment had little to do with the show. In fact, we found the exhibits to be huge, over the top, and unrealistic for the average home gardener. It seemed more suited to owners of greenhouses, lawn care specialists, landscape designers, and people with their own professional gardeners. Then there was the amount of walking, walking, and more walking...a huge facility with lots of trees.

On the weekend, hubby and I attended the Peterborough Garden Show. We've been in the past and have found it to be compact and useful. It takes place in an arena and all space is used efficiently. One of us cleverly suggested purchasing advanced tickets so we did so at a local flower shop on our way to the show....a wise move. We got in quickly at opening time and avoided long lines waiting to purchase tickets.

We moved through the facility easily, finding many fascinating displays and people more than willing to answer questions. There was something for everyone...exhibits for the beginner and for the avid gardener alike. There were displays of vegetables, flowers, garden ornaments, conservation, and much more. It was terrific and it was manageable. There was even a man dressed in lederhosen to advertise the upcoming OHA convention taking place...where else? Kitchener.

Even the food, in this case cupcakes (second last photo), looked like lovely flowers. The socks, were colourful and the pairs did not match...loved them so much I bought a some. Wish I'd purchased more. I laughed at the whimsical items that make people happy. The floral arrangements were colourful, simple, and obvious.

Finally, there were the signs. There were indoor signs and outdoor signs. Signs seem to be the modern way of expressing one's opinion and of sharing truths without really saying anything. These two signs caught my eye. One reminded me of a family member, and the other is obvious. If I am available in April, the Peterborough Garden Show will definitely become an annual event.

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