Thursday, March 10, 2016

Do It Myself Projects - The Beginning

It occurred to me that there are a lot of things that bug me around my house. Why do they bother me? They're either ugly, boring, or not useful...not necessarily old, just wrong for whatever reason. Feng Shui philosophy would suggest disposal or changing of anything we don't love or isn't useful.

Some would argue that as long as things are functional and not broken, there's nothing wrong with them and they should be retained until death. Others replace the entire contents of their homes and redo their decor far too often.

Sometimes, we get help. Not that long ago, I had the good fortune of disintegrating living and dining room sheers. I went to wash them and as I removed same from their pocket rods, I found myself holding tatters. This was a no brainer. I soon replaced them with gorgeous, clean, new, semi sheer, slightly patterned curtains. I needed tie backs and couldn't come up with anything that didn't look like the "mature" person I am. Then I saw some great little glasses cords (also old lady...the kind that hang around your neck) at the dollar store. I brought them home and voilà. Here are my sheers and tie backs.

I looked around the house and determined what things bothered me most. I made a list. My plan is to begin small, so small, that hopefully, it will be barely noticed except as an improvement. This is a laundry hamper, mid century modern. I checked Google and similar hampers were made in the late 50's and early 60's. No real value...$20 on pinterest and perhaps slightly more on ebay. It also weighs more than one frail, senior woman can lift. Fill it with laundry, add additional obstacles (dogs, stairs, etc) and it's pretty much an impossibility to transport to the basement laundry room. It's dirty and faded, but in relatively good condition....and sturdy. I would like it to look clean, tasteful and modern.

The internet is of no help. All their hampers and redesigned hampers look sterile...wooden, metallic, or white. I want some pizazz. I want style. I want... well, who cares? Anything will be an improvement over the current look.

So far, I've decided to paint the bottom, recover the vinyl lid, and replace the braid and rusted hinges. Wish me luck. I'll report back.

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