Sunday, February 14, 2016

Red Is Best

There's a children's story entitled "Red is Best" by Kathy Stinson, illustrated by Robin Lewis. I'm not certain whether it's the simplicity, the illustrations, or my complete agreement with the sentiment that appeals to me most. I like the book. I like red.

Although many things have changed over the years, my love for the colour red has not. Since it's Valentine's Day, I thought it only fitting to write about this most vibrant and sensual of colours. So here's a senior person's version, my version, of Red is Best, entitled, what else?

                                                           Red Is Best...Hilde Edition

Some older people don't understand about red.

I like my red pajamas best. They're cozy and warm and suitable for all kinds of activities. I can cook. I can clean. I can go to Walmart, the gas station, or Tim Horton's in my red pajamas and not feel out of place. In fact, I'd probably be the envy of the sleepwear attired crowds. I like my red pajamas best.
I like my red scarf best. People say, "Hilde, quit wearing your Silent Night scarf. Christmas was over two months ago." But I don't care what anyone says. My scarf is bright and cheerful and keeps me warm. It's the perfect complement to my jacket. Besides, I can reverse it and nobody but me will know that my scarf is secretly singing and celebrating. I like my red scarf best.

I like my red cape best. It's soft and stylish. It envelopes me in a cozy warmth like a fuzzy blanket. It makes me feel tall and slim because tall and slim people usually wear such items. It helps me remember friends, good times, the mini vacation, and the place it was bought. It reminds me of the person who said, "Go for it. You're only as tall as you feel." I like my red cape best.
I like my red car best. Red cars are bold and daring and make a statement. Red cars aren't boring and dull or conforming. Red cars don't blend into the pavement. Red cars say, "I am woman. Hear me roar." Red cars help you dream, plan, and imagine. I like my red car best.
I like my red shoes best. Red shoes can be sensible or avante-garde, Red shoes shout, "I'm not gone yet!" My shoes are scuffed and worn and enjoyed. My shoes are low heel, no orthodics as yet, and comfortable. They have been places, experienced things, and all have amazing stories to tell. I like my red shoes...all my red shoes best.

I like my red dog best. She's rather small, whiny, and furry. She makes a great snuggle buddy and tolerates me. She's not Clifford the big red dog. She's Amber, the small reddish Dachshund. I like my red dog best.
I like my red roses best. They smell wonderful and look beautiful. They brighten a dark dreary day. They help remind me of the beauty in the world, the warm sun, and the seasons ahead. They tell me that someone thought of me and loves me. I like my red roses best.
I like red, because red is best. Happy Valentine's Day.

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