Thursday, January 21, 2016

Off Season Bargain Fun

I saw an ad in the travel section of the weekend paper. It advertised the Oakes Hotel in Niagara Falls for $89. Not only was that a reasonable rate for overnight accommodation, they were including many perks. There was going to be a thirty dollar steak house voucher, free breakfast at Applebee's, fifty dollars in gaming at the casino, two free cocktails, and several tours and extras.

"Let's go there." I suggested.

This past Tuesday, we delivered our dog to the sitter, and off we went. The weather was cold but clear. We stopped at the Gateway Niagara rest stop and Visitor's Centre where we enjoyed the lunch I'd packed.

In the early afternoon, we arrived at our hotel and were given a complete run down of the coupons and vouchers. Our room was on the sixth floor, overlooking the falls...awesome.
We walked briskly to the casino which was only a block or so away. We didn't have a clue as to what we were doing. Sure, I've played poker and blackjack on the machines before. I've even dabbled the odd time in other games of chance although they didn't seem to involve much skill. We registered at the Players Advantage Club, had our card loaded with our free gaming, and off we went. We were even given really cool lanyards which might come in handy on a future cruise. After locating the well hidden poker machines, we played for awhile before I cashed out my $5 winnings and we left to get ready for dinner.

The Oakes Hotel has a shuttle bus which takes guests to the Remington Steakhouse. Our reservation was for 6:15 and the bus driver assured us that this was the best restaurant in Niagara Falls. As we entered, we saw some wonderful pieces of original and reproduction art by Frederic Remington. We also heard singing and were informed that our waiter would be with us after he was finished the piece...a singing waiter no less. We dined on what was possibly the best meal we've had in years. Spectacular! I had beef medallions and lobster tail and hubby had prime rib. The cost was reasonable particularly since we had received the $30 coupon at the hotel.

After returning to the hotel, we enjoyed our free welcome cocktails and were just in time to see one of several shows. This particular one was projected on our hotel wall. Unfortunately, we were getting chilled and couldn't remain for the entire presentation.

 It had been fantastic day and we looked forward to more adventures after a good night's sleep.

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