Monday, January 18, 2016

Eating Crow...Maybe

No, this is not another one of what is surely one of my highly anticipated food, travel, or senior tips blogs. This is in fact about something entirely different. It's in actual fact one of my pants blogs.

On Jan. 15, 2014 I wrote a brilliant and convincing piece entitled, "Blue, Blue, My World Is Blue".

I expressed my opinion on pants. I express lots of opinions on pants. What constitutes pants. What cannot possibly be considered pants. What ought not be worn as pants and so on. The blog to which I'm referring related specifically to blue jeans.

My opinion has not changed...not in the least. What has changed is that I had a momentary lapse. I was so weak in fact, that I tried on a pair of jeans recently. How could I not?

They weren't Calvin Klein, Levis, Wranglers, or Lees. They weren't shredded, faded, illustrated, studded, skinny, boot cut, or any of the other myriad of terms given to jeans nowadays. They just looked like dark blue jeans. Since I was in the wonderful designer clothing and dollar type store called, "Giant Tiger", they were also $5.00...seriously, they were five dollars. For five dollars, I was trying them on. Strangely enough, one pair, only one, looked as though they'd fit. The pant legs weren't too long nor too tight. I decided to force my rotund body into these things even though they were a "missys" size and made in some country where all clothing wearers are size extra small. They just looked right somehow.

I waited at the change room door after pinging the required bell to summon an attendant. In Giant Tiger, pinging means change room, buzzing means rest room. It's a clever system actually, despite the fact that the same attendant shows up with the same keyring. I suppose the pinging and buzzing could be considered more of an indication as to the state of the customer's urgency. Alas, as I so often do, I digress.                
So I went into the cubicle, and checked the label...designer after all, woohoo..."Debbie Denim"! I tried on the jeans and stood in shocked silence. I didn't hate them and they fit. The legs were a perfect length and not too tight. They stretched around my middle. The fake stitching made them look almost authentic, as though they had the requisite zipper front, and rivet button. The waist was acceptable...a flat band at the front, and gathered stretchy at the back. and the pants had real pockets! They looked ok. In fact, from the front, I thought they looked pretty good. I decided to buy them. After all, for five bucks, I could even wear them around the house for cleaning...or maybe not depending on the comfort level. Could anything ever compare to yoga pants or a loose fitting hausfrau dress?

As I turned the corner of the store with aforementioned jeans in my cart, I saw it! There, in front of my eyes was a whole rack of five dollar Debbie Denim. There was light blue, dark blue, and blackish, all colours in my size. Again, how could I resist? I didn't. For $15 dollars, I now own three pairs of jeans. Will I wear them much? The jury's still out on that. Perhaps they'll end up at Goodwill. Maybe I'll become a convert.

On the other hand, I'm not certain I want somebody walking behind me, thinking that jeans really don't look good on anyone!

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