Friday, January 16, 2015

Mid January Blues or Blahs?

I've decided not to write anything controversial about politics, religion, pets, the weather, the younger generation, fashion, or the deterioration of the English language just yet. Clearly, I am easing into 2015 blogs. Either that, or I've been busy. Pick one. I suppose the reason for my lack of productivity is that I'm trying to walk a fine line with my craziness and I'm afraid I won't be quite as successful as Nik Wallenda. At my age, it's far too easy to be thrown off balance and fall from everyone's graces.

I had one of "those" nights last night. You know the kind. I was lying in bed thinking about this blog. I formulated a brilliant idea...several in fact. The words flowed so easily in my head. It was as though my mind was clear except for what I wanted to put in print.  I determined that it wasn't necessary to turn on the light and  jot down my thoughts as I drifted off to sleep. The ideas just kept coming. I knew I'd remember everything in the morning. As the saying goes...famous last words.

On another note, there's a day every January that's been labelled, "Blue Monday". It's said to be the most depressing day of the year. Perhaps they should give the whole month that distinction. That is of course if you're living in a climate like ours, and are of an age where thoughts of tobogganing, skiing. skating, and the like invoke nice memories of the past, but cause you to imagine the painful joints, kidneys, and potential hazards of the present.
It is said that Blue Monday is the day when December bills rear their ugly heads. Add to that the joy of walking to your community mailbox in the freezing cold. (Blog - You've Got Mail, 01/11/14) It's the day when people finally admit that they've broken their new year's resolutions. It's dark in the morning and dark early in the evening. The world is sad and gray and January seems endless.

Of course there are all sorts of online suggestions for how to get through these dark days....wear a bright colour, clear some clutter, skip work, dance with a broom, sing a song, have a cup of tea, go to a spa, exercise, Need I go on? Fortunately, not too many of these require leaving the house.

I'd actually like to offer some of my own solutions to the January problem. The computer can be a terrific friend. Find jokes, such as Maxine to make you feel less alone. Look up the weird and bizarre of the animal and plant kingdom. Have you ever actually googled "geoduck images"?  Did you know that there are swimming pigs in the Bahamas? I have since added Pig Beach to my new revised bucket list (soon to be published). If all else fails, plan for February, the best and shortest winter month crammed with all those wonderful special days. Decorate and celebrate.

Perhaps the best solution of all is in this final cartoon. Today, hubby announced that we should head south for a week. Great idea. Spontaneous. Sudden. Perhaps it will result in yet another travelogue blog. I just purchased the tickets...Happy Valentine's Day to him.

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