Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cobourg Street Pianos - Year 2

Last year, I wrote a blog and shared photos of our street pianos (May 20, 2013  Street Pianos - Cobourg). Well, they're here for another year. Downtown Cobourg has pianos available for the enjoyment of its citizens. This year, they returned, fewer in number but nonetheless imposing in their beauty. The artists have once again outdone themselves in the re-furbishing of these instruments

Not only that, one of our locals has made quite the youtube splash with close to 200,000 views. Last night, Michael Mcnamara was even featured on one of the news channels which hubby often watches.

I first saw this clip on Facebook. It was posted by the proprieter of a nearby restaurant  a week ago. I was so fascinated that I asked when the next performance was going to take place. I hope I'll be able to catch one in the upcoming days and that Mr. Mcnamara won't have already been snatched away by Ellen or booked by another of the many daytime talk shows.

In case the video doesn't work, here's the link.

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