Thursday, June 5, 2014

So Glad to Be a Cuke !

I found it in the newspaper a few weeks ago. I couldn't believe my eyes. I immediately clipped it out and marked it on my calendar. First Thursday of every month. I wanted to go so badly. Tonight was the night. I asked hubby to come along. His response, "Noooooo way."

Although I almost backed out a few times for various reasons....time constraints, nobody to go with me, it wasn't on my bucket list, and so on, I pushed through my anguish. I knew that I would only have regrets if I didn't attend. So, I went. I was tired, I didn't feel much like driving downtown, a full 2 kilometres away, and yet, I went.

I climbed the stairs apprehensively. I peered around the corner, then ducked into the restroom. My hands were perspiring. I washed and dried them, took a deep breath and entered the space.  About twenty five people sat, eager to participate. They were prepared. They'd been here before. I was a newbie. I was lacking the essential requirements. On the other hand, the newspaper clipping claimed it didn't matter.

So, as of tonight, I am a member of the Cukes. I also have the option of participating with the Port Hope group should I decide to do so. I have had my initial introduction. I have become hooked. From the minute I lifted my fingers to participate, I knew this would become more than a monthly ritual. It would become an important part of the rest of my life in this town. It was fun. I could relate. The participants weren't all ninety years old but varied in age from fortyish up....up to ninety. I can't believe this has been going on in town for a year and I just found out.

I left two hours later, satisfied. I had done it. I had gone and I had learned. I made helpful new friends. Of course, I had only acquired some of the necessary equipment when I went home. It will be necessary to get the rest, a minor problem which I can easily rectify. After all, ukeleles aren't that expensive. Yes, I've decided to join the Cobourg ukelele ensemble. They played and sang old familiar songs for two hours. Oh, and if the Cobourg group is called, Cuke, of course our neighbours to the west in Port Hope are affectionately known as Puke, although their official name is NukeO.

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