Friday, June 20, 2014

Paris is Always a Good Idea

For awhile, I've had it stuck in my head that I want to see Paris. Of course, I'd also like to see Barcelona with the Gaudi cathedral, and Venice with its canals, and Rome with...well, everything art, history and culture. Paris though, has been near the top of my European sites list ever since I discovered that it's only three hours from most places where I would likely be in Germany.

I can't say that Harrison Ford didn't have something to do with it. Although I never saw the original "Sabrina", I loved the remake of the movie. As Sabrina says, "Paris is always a good idea". In fact, I have a friend who gave me a mug with that slogan written on it.  And so it began.

It's interesting how some things stick in your head to the point of obsession. Or perhaps, I had a little help from my environment. Suddenly, everywhere I went, everything I saw reminded me of Paris. From the eiffel tower trinket box in the dollar store, to the radio broadcast about champagne, the music "I love Paris" and the always delicious french macaron cookies at the bakery.

Then there are the naysayers who try to influence your thoughts. The folks who tell you that crime is rampant, you'll get mugged by gypsies and so on. Yes, it's a big city. Yes, there are pickpockets and gangs just as in any other big city. Obviously precautions must be taken. On the other hand, statistically, Paris is one of the safest metropolitan cities in Europe. So there!

When my cousin visited last October, I once again mentioned Paris. Or perhaps I whined a little. After all, isn't complaining part of growing old and grumpy? I told them that they're so fortunate to be able to hop on an inexpensive commuter flight and go to any major European city and back home on the same day. Or, they could take a train. His response was, "Next time you visit, we'll take you to Paris."

Who says grumbling doesn't work?

Although I thought it might eventually occur, I didn't believe it would happen this soon.  I am currently in Paris. From today, to Sunday, I am there.

My wonderful relatives booked a bus tour from Germany to Paris for three nights and since I was going to visit Germany, they took me to Paris. When I come back home, I hope to write about my adventures, give reviews, and have photos like this one, with one difference. There'll be me, standing prominently in front of the tower.

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