Saturday, December 7, 2013

Let's Slow 'Er Down...But Just a Tad

I admit I like to be busy elsewhere. I'm not one to hang around the house excessively. These past few months or more have been a bit too much even for my sensibilities. My friend mentioned my lack of blog production. "You've had no time to reflect." she stated. I realized she was correct.

Last year, I was writing one a blog a day in November. This year, I didn't complete any. On the other hand, perhaps that's a good thing. Maybe that means I've been living life more and not just sitting around writing random ramblings.

I am now home for the first time in over a month. As I look around, I see no evidence of the upcoming season. In fact, I was certain I'd cleaned up Thanksgiving décor prior to leaving and yet, I have found some out of place scarecrows and fall leaves and flowers. I have a few days to wrap my head around the idea of Christmas, wrap my paper around some pre-bought gifts and wrap the house in the splendour that is the season. This week, more visiting relatives.

The past months have included concerts, hanging with friends, Halloween, visits from relatives, visits to relatives, a cruise and more. As soon as I get my now past due December newspaper column completed and submitted, I'll try to catch my blog up on all my recent escapades. I believe the easiest way to do it will be photo diary recap. Upcoming tripadvisor reviews will also be numerous because after all, I go noplace without my notebook.

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