Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Now I'm Cooking!

It's not that I don't cook anymore. It's just that I don't feel the same need to try things and experiment with new recipes as I did when I was younger. There were so many things I used to cook and bake, fancy things, elaborate things, delicious things. I've lost interest...well, except for the challenge that is the French macaron cookie and last year's cake decorating courses. My idea of eating these days is having a salad for one meal and soup and a sandwich for another. I figure that restaurants exist for when the occasional need arises to have something special or more substantial.

Having said that, I have been responsible for a few reasonable efforts of late. I will share. It was our anniversary recently. I splurged and picked up some lobster tails at the local grocery store. I didn't really consider $5.99 each much of a splurge, just nice for a change. I have discovered a fabulous  product. Ziplock zip'n steam bags are great for steaming but maintaining the nutrients in veggies. Clean and slice vegetables, drop into bag along with desired spices and place in microwave for four minutes. Here's our anniversary meal complete with two baked potatoes. Delicious!

Colourful presentation on a black platter
 Yesterday, we were having company. I decided to try a recipe I found online. It didn't seem too difficult and was an interesting take on the usual dull chicken breasts. I already had boneless, skinless chicken, some sundried tomatoes and bread crumbs in the house and just needed to buy (or rather send hubby to purchase) a red pepper and some feta cheese for the filling. I pounded, stuffed, tied and then baked. Tasty!

Once the string was removed, they held together well. I sliced the three breasts into halves. Here are the pictures of how my chicken turned out. I have submitted them to the site above but have seen no evidence of them online as yet.
Cross section
Exterior nicely browned
I sprinkled the top with finely cut green onions as suggested and it made the presentation even better. Then I served this with Deer River wild rice, broccoli salad and creamed spinach. After such a success, who knows what I might try next?

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