Saturday, October 27, 2012

Life Gets In The Way

Sometimes, it's just impossible to write. A hectic schedule, fatigue, travel, company, celebrations, and writer's block, can all cause a lack of production. Don't get me wrong, it's not a complaint. We make choices. I could have written, but I chose to go to the gym, decorate for the season, enjoy visitors, and veg out in front of the world series games on t.v.

On one particular "I could have written" occasion, I opted to go for lunch with my children. So here's the result of a recent lunch. Writer's block disappeared and inspiration returned. After my daughter posted her tripadvisor review, I followed suit. We both like to share our thoughts on places we've been, attractions, hotels and restaurants. I believe that I was slightly kinder than she, since she even posted her food photo.

So now, I wrote.

“Three Strikes You're Out !”
2 of 5 starsReviewed October 26, 2012NEW
I've been to this Kelsey's a few times because it's in a convenient location. Each time I go, I swear I will not return. This time, I'm sticking to my decision. On this last occasion, I had lunch with several family members. The restaurant was not busy with only two or three tables occupied.

I ordered the Asian Sesame chicken salad for $12.99...not inexpensive but not unreasonable. The menu claimed that the serving had only 490 calories.The chicken strips were ok but the lettuce tasted as if it was one of those bagged grocery store offerings which had been left on the shelf too long...musty. The menu also listed the salad contents as cranberries, crispy noodles, almond slivers and sesame seeds. Even though I have reading glasses which magnify most things, I was unable to locate several of the ingredients. On the bright side, I did not eat much of the platter contents, so I'm certain that I consumed even fewer than the promised calories.

Our table received no visits from wait staff to see if we needed anything, wanted refills, or to ask if the food was acceptable. It was necessary to play charades with, then finally call out to one server who was on walkabout as we tried to make a request. A caesar salad was foisted into the centre of our table by the disappearing, oft invisible waitstaff...kerplunk ! We stared at each other in disbelief wondering who should consume this offering since two were ordered and a third was to arrive as part of a meal. Our food came in shifts. Two meals were inaccurate. The server removed a salad from one plate and deposited it in front of another person...disturbing.

When we were done and ready to leave, I requested the cheque. The server wandered off and began washing tabletops at the far end of the room. I finally gave up and went to the cash register to pay. This is the third time I've been dissatisfied with this restaurant...two chances too many.

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