Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh The Toilette!

Perhaps it was just that I didn't know where to find them. Or maybe it just seemed that they were few and far between whenever I was searching. Somehow, I didn't always find WC's very easily or inexpensively.
For one thing, it's necessary to have a supply of change available when travelling in Europe, particularly on the autobahn. Here are just a few of the tickets I purchased in order to use the rest room at service centres. Add insult to injury, the stubs claim that I paid half a Euro per visit when in fact, it was necessary to deposit 70 cents into the turnstiles.  

In many public places and attractions there are attendants which expect a payment deposited onto a saucer, usually 50 cents.

When dining in a restaurant, the facilities were usually free. In fact, I found some of the entrance doors to the rest rooms to be more than entertaining, if not obvious...almost worth paying for.

 And then of course, for man's best friend...

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