Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Antwerpen, Zeppelins and Märchenwald (Antwerp, Zeppelins and The Fairy Tale Forest) - Part Two

As I mentioned in Part 1, hubby and I decided to view different things. He was going to see the Dom, a fabulous historic gothic church and I was going to pursue my interests and visit Märchenwald.
At first, all I saw was a tree, a scary tree. This was promising.

Eventually, I found the entrance gate and ventured through. For a minimal admission cost, I began my uphill trek. I had a feeling that I'd better move quickly and that this scenic tour up the side of a mountain and back down would take considerably longer than hubby's church viewing.

I wasted no time. I no sooner heard a cackling witch then there was a tower and the reason for her glee. Rapunzel was letting down her golden hair. I was already mesmerized, but I moved on.

Then I saw the Hansel and Gretel house. Wow!  I had to take a picture of myself here. Each tiny building was interactive and had either movement or a button to press to hear the story. What fun. Nonetheless, after a quick, timed photo, I kept going.

I popped my head into the next little house and saw Red Riding Hood."Look out! That's not your grandma in that bed," I yelled before I ventured on.

When I zipped past the cottage of the seven dwarfs (or dwarves for English sticklers), I reminded Snow White that she needs to remember never to talk to strangers and to be sure to wash her fruit prior to eating. Pesticides are a terrible thing.

I  saw Puss in Boots, Rumpelstiltskin, the Bremen Town Musicians, and so much more.

Then I heard church bells. I took it as some kind of sign that I should hurry even faster. At this point I looked down, realizing that I was fairly high up on the mountain.

The downhill trip finally started. Then I saw them. I had to stop and delay the rest of my journey. It was a bridge and there were real billy goats! "Who's that tripping over my bridge?" I shouted in my best ogre like voice while taking a photo of myself. The goats were just too cute and they definitely weren't camera shy.

After about an hour and a half or heading uphill and back down, I viewed my last fairy tale.

It was "Sleeping Beauty". Yes, I was tired too. I am fairly confident that I saw an attraction, Märchenwald, in record time. I had completed an entire fairy tale forest in an hour and a half. I don't recommend it. It requires at least half a day. I looked at my watch. Yikes.

After scooting back to the parking lot to find hubby, I realized that he must have been sitting in the heat waiting for me for the last hour of my journey.

"I went as fast as I could," I promised breathlessly. "It was fabulous"

Why do I owe hubby big time? He left the cathedral early and missed a choral presentation he would have liked to hear. He saw the beginning of a German wedding. Hence the church bells. He would have liked to see more. Out of concern for me and not knowing how long I'd be, he rushed. Then he waited and waited and waited...no complaints. Thoughtful and sweet. That's my hubby.

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