Friday, February 24, 2012

Weather or Not?

For the past two days we have been hearing warnings and forecasts of today's weather nightmare. After an extremely mild winter, it was predicted that we would receive an entire season's accumulation of snow, all today. Meteorologists threatened up to 20 cm. Fear loomed. Town maintenance workers cropped dangerous dangling tree branches. School buses were cancelled. Those in a position to do so, took the day off work. Ready or not, it would begin at midnight.

I planned ahead...something which is not in my nature to do. In case I was to be snowbound for any length of time, I would be prepared. I didn't want my coupons to expire before I could use them, so I grabbed the dog and all my February grocery vouchers. Off we went to Walmart. After picking up most items on my list, I checked out. This is most of what $17.53 got me with a savings of over $20.

Tassimo worth $9.99 was free and I made a profit with my coupon on the Finish dish detergent. I had big value coupons for all the rest of the items except for carrots and lettuce which only cost a total of $2.

My next step was to move the car into the garage and grab a large snow shovel and broom. I took out the trash and gathered up the accumulated dog deposits from the lawn. Then I dug out my hat, mittens, boots, winter coat and scarf, stowing them all in our foyer. Was I ready or what?

This morning, we woke up at the usual time, 6 a.m. It was soooooooo dark. Was the snow covering the windows? Had it piled up so high that we were buried, trapped? With trepidation, I edged toward our large living room window. It was worse than I had feared.

Alas, our 18 foot tall pine tree was barely visible above the mountains of precipitation. What to do now? Did I dare go outside? After mustering up all my courage, I ventured through the door. I trudged. I plodded. It was a challenge to lift my legs out of the huge drifts on the driveway.

I knew that sooner or later I would have to begin shovelling. I looked down the street. No neighbours were visible. I smuggly walked back into the house realizing that they must all be too frightened to do what I just did. Perhaps they weren't ready for this. Don't they watch the Weather Network? Didn't they listen to Frankie's warnings on Breakfast TV?

Alas, as I write this, my footprints are disappearing under the mounds of precipitation. The last remaining tip of our massive tree has almost disappeared. It's time to brave the elements and begin the hours of shovelling.

Lest there be any doubt, this entire blog was written facetiously. I used to check the weather by looking outside in the morning or by bravely sticking my head through the doorway to guess the temperature. I believe my accuracy rate, using no more equipment than my eyes, skin and sinuses was more accurate. What do you think?

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