Friday, May 20, 2011

Planes, Automobiles and a Graduation

Last week we went to another land. It was called Oklahoma. We went there for a very special occasion, a graduation. Here is the lovely family we visited. The dad, Matt was graduating from law school.

People attended from many distant places like Vancouver, Toronto, New York and Oklahoma. The planes were all late. The cars were also late. Far away lands like Oklahoma sometimes have scary weather and this causes delays. At last, all the siblings and the papa were gathered together.

The aunt, uncle and cousin from New York also arrived. Everyone was excited and proud.

When Matt first tried on his graduation robe, he looked very handsome and distinguished. Everyone said "ooh and ahhh." Papa said, "He looks just like Martin Luther."
There were many graduation functions and parties. There was an awards ceremony, a party for friends and family and then, the official ceremony. For the ceremony, there was a traditional southwestern band of bagpipers in kilts.                 

            At the end of the graduation, we took lots of pictures.

                Papa was proud and so was Matt's stepmom.



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