Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Southern Caribbean Cruise Highlights Part 2


This was an interesting place. It was pretty and hot. It had evidence of some definite Canadian content. The food choices on the sign were interesting. If you say chicken three times is it still chicken?


We were greeted by a double rainbow in Grenada which went all the way from one ship to another. This was a tour, snorkel and beach day but first, we had to march through a tunnel for our excursion. Huge waves, warm turquoise water and white sand were turning Adam into a Caribbean convert.


Curacao is lovely. There's so much art and culture and buildings are being exquisitely and colourfully renovated. Besides seeing the floating fish market and the fabulous fruits and veggies, we wandered through downtown and went to a sculpture garden. We saw this bird close up on hotel grounds. It's looks like a Baltimore oriole and I have discovered that it's Curacao's national bird. We snacked at a local sidewalk cafe and the Dutch goodies were quite yummy.

This was the best surprise...a desert island with cactus, sandy beaches, palm trees, turquoise water, lava and rock formations and amazing animals. There were lots of lovely hotels and water sports. Human lifespan on this island is into the 90's and 3 bedroom houses cost $100,000 and up. We took a boat ride to see a sunken ship and then lava formations and some desert wildlife.

.......and so another adventure comes to an end.

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