Monday, December 13, 2010

Southern Caribbean Cruise Highlights Part 1

We went on this cruise at the end of November. The itinerary was fantastic. So many different islands, so much scenery, wildlife and culture in such a short time. There were a lot of unusual, unique sites too. Here are some of my favourites. (Click on photos to enlarge)


We started out with lovely weather and took our own little tour in St. Croix. We saw the oldest Lutheran church and a historic fort. Yawwwwwnnnnnn... With apologies to all the historians out there. I do like the sign on the background pillar of the church.

St. Kitts & Rainforest

On our bus tour we saw a tree that had empty bottles growing all over it. The baby monkeys were a highlight for me and I got to hold a couple of them. The trek through the rainforest was fascinating if not slightly gruelling. That's Adam crossing the river one of several times and me sitting in a ficus tree. I'm glad they provided us with hiking sticks.


Dominica (pronounced Domineeka) was very rainy and the roads were winding. The school bus was donated by the Canadian government but soon after, met it's demise during a storm. It was pouring rain all through the forest but the waterfall was beautiful. Very scenic.

I had a great time sitting on the front of the catamaran as it dove down into the waves. A woman told me later that she loved watching me have so much fun. Adam enjoyed standing in back, keeping dry and taking videos. The Pitons (volcanoes) were magnificent and the day was terrific.

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