Friday, September 10, 2010

Is It Better In the Bahamas...with mom? Part Two

Soon, the mother felt thirsty. She accepted the suggestion of a duo of Russian women who recommended a drink called a ***Kamikaze. "Woohoo", said Ingrid's strange mother. "I like this drink, I think I'll have another". For some reason, she got very tired and decided to relax on the not so crowded beach with her Nora Roberts novel and her ancient listening device (see blogs entitled "Who You Calling An Antique?" and "Yes, I'm Old Now"). It was so peaceful. Suddenly, she was rudely awakened by the sounds of the "Black Eyed Peas" and "Flo Rida". This was to become a nightly event as the "Booze Cruise" passed by the resort in an attempt to recruit unsuspecting types for their glass bottom boat rides.

The mother was glad when the rest of the day and the night were over and Ingrid and Phil arrived. Except for a few strange facial ticks, they seemed to have survived their flight relatively unscathed.

That evening, they went to dinner and invited mom. "Woohoo, I'd love to", said Ingrid's strange mother. So they all got dressed and headed for the "Garden of Eden" for their first night's meal. be continued

***Kamikaze is a drink made with equal parts vodka, triple sec and lime juice. Drink appearance on this page is not exactly to scale as our all-inclusive club made them slightly (cough, cough) larger and stronger.

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