Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Is It Better In The Bahamas...with mom? Part One

Once, there was a cute, not so young couple named Ingrid and Phil. Despite many warnings about facebook, they did not heed them and were not too selective about who was included on their "friends" list. They added Ingrid's strange mother. When they posted a planned trip to the Bahamas, Ingrid's strange mother said, "Woohoo, I like the Bahamas."

Ingrid innocently replied, "Why don't you come along?"

"Woohoo", said Ingrid's strange mother. "I'd love to."

Mom did not let the lack of tickets for the date in question deter her. When the travel agent suggested a flight a day earlier, the strange mother said, "Woohoo, I'd love to."

So off she flew to the beautiful city of Nassau on the Island of New Providence, the tiny one between the two long ones on the top left of the map.
Except for the airline having placed her in the midst of an infant evacuation flight, with the odour of fresh poop permeating the plane, the flight was uneventful. After 3 hours, they landed. While waiting for her luggage, the strange mother was asked if she wanted to sample some of the island's delicacies, specifically Bacardi. "Woohoo, I'd love to,"she said.

At the resort, the mother was enthralled with the sun, sand, air and water. It was lovely. She immediately went exploring and found many things of interest. There were unusual birds....

....of all kinds. And there was odd native attire.

Not the end. Watch for Part 2

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