Thursday, April 8, 2010

Noisy Nights...A Poem

"No human being believes that any other human being has the right to be in bed when he himself is up." Robert Lynd

Noisy Nights

My eyelids are heavy. I hear sounds in the hall
Voices of strangers, making their nightly call.

Real people or spirits, my own thoughts I guess
I really don't like it, this I confess.

The dog in her wrappings, her nest on the floor
Is sleeping behind you, a soft little snore.

I stare at your nostrils, I gaze at your head
As I sit up and wonder, at night in our bed.

I move myself closer and blow in your ear,
Why don't you wake up and see what I hear?

A tug of the covers a kick of the toes,
Oh why don't you 'waken and share in my woes?

I've said it before. I hear voices at night.
They're quite indistinct, should I turn on the light?

But my eyes are too heavy to read anymore,
So I sip on my water and look at the door.

Do I get up and wander, should I look for the source?
My sleeplessness surely will lead to remorse.

Ahem, cough and sputter, my throat I do clear.
Oh, I am so sorry, did I wake you my dear?

Well, since you are up now, do you share my concern?
About voices, the voices that make your head turn?

No! I've told you before, I'll repeat what I've said.
The voices aren't real nor are they in your head.
We've a street full of seniors, so don't you agree?
The houses are close, it's the neighbours' t.v.

Your breathing is rhythmic. The lights are all dim.
Are they living among us, or are the walls thin?


  1. Nice little poem, but can you explain the quote at the top to me?

  2. Yep...don't you think we generally like to bug other people when we can't sleep? You know..."if I can't sleep, nobody sleeps"? That's how I interpret it.