Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ain't Love Grand?

Who knew when I got married almost three years ago that I'd be a party to such love and adoration by my husband? With a tear and a sigh I'm going to attempt to describe some of the phrases I'm hearing and behaviours which I am noting daily. I'll categorize them as best I can. Even some of the less flattering comments are said in such a kind and delightful way. Talk about a lucky woman!
Verbal Praise
You're so sweet. You're so smart.
I love you too.
You have such lovely brown eyes.
I missed you.
Thank you for the kisses.
You make me laugh...laughter is healthy you know.
Are you ok? What's the matter? Are you happy?
Can I get you anything? Would you like a cookie?
You shouldn't have to live in a climate that's cold like this. Let's go someplace else next winter.
Let's go for a walk.
Come sit on my lap.
Are you papa's girl?
Negative Comments
You're so demanding.
You're getting to be an old lady.
Jealous little creep.

This constant attention and gushing is actually bordering on annoying. I do think that if all men would treat women this way and speak to them so lovingly, marriages would be much better off. Having said that, how do I get my husband to quit paying all this attention to the dog and start noticing me? I believe that I'll have to insist that I too get acknowledged from time to time. That mini long-haired dachshund thinks she's the centre of the universe, probably because she is the centre of his.

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