Friday, January 1, 2010

A bird by any other name...

So, how did I happen to select the name Robin as my internet persona? It's a story that began many years ago when I discovered computer "chat". My teen children had installed a function called ICQ on our computer. Occasionally, when I was actually allowed to use said computer, I perused the site. I unearthed a few people with whom I enjoyed regular conversations. It was suggested by one that I go to yahoo since it was more user friendly, fewer lags and so on. There were also singles chat rooms. I needed a "name". Not being very savvy in the workings of chat rooms and "some" of their users, I selected an ID. It seemed appropriate at the time. It was spring. I was a kindergarten teacher. I picked the first thing that popped into my head..... robinredbreast. BIG MISTAKE!

The rude questions and lewd comments soon became tiresome if not repetitious. Honesty in chat was not a prerequisite and before long, I learned something. IQ's were not necessary, performance skills were. There seemed to be some kind of presumption associated with my choice of ID and I really couldn't fathom. I finally settled in a room with some lovely people. I'm pleased to say that I still have a few of those nice people as facebook friends. Anyhow, it was then that I selected a more "innocent" yet familiar name for myself. Yahoo Room 7 in the 50's age group became my chat home and my new alter ego became RockinRobin. Much better......Thanks Elton.

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