Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Be Aware...More Scams

I've written several posts about scams. I've had calls claiming to be from Microsoft and wanting to access our computers. I've been phoned by someone saying they're from Canada Revenue. Nope, they don't phone people. I have even received a call saying it was the police, my son was in an accident, and I should send money. Disgusting. I have not as yet received the "buy i-tunes gift cards and give us the numbers." I hope it doesn't come, lest I be tempted to use unbecoming language on Mr. Bell's most indispensable invention.

(Previous blogs - There were four. Here are two of them. ( "Frauds and Scams" 9/10/11, "Warning! Scam Alert" 4/18/15)

If only the crooks participating in these activities would spend their time and intelligence on a real job. They clearly have skills.

These frauds are such serious problems affecting far too many vulnerable people. Is there a solution? Who knows? Here's my latest.

I have recently received three emails claiming to be from Bank of Montreal. Let's be clear, banks don't send emails asking for personal information. I even went to the bank website to double check this. Oh, these emails all look very realistic...official BMO looking logo.

The subject line in my most recent email looked like this.
                                      Security Protocol: D83D_01-003.A

The return address was -

Here are examples of  the email contents. Official looking, yes. Fraud, also yes.

#1 Some people might even notice that the language is slightly stilted and unlikely from the suggested source. Eg. " In the date of..."; "a higher layer of security";  "your precious time";  and of course, "security comes in first place".

#2 This one actually came with the option to unsubscribe at the bottom. Unfortunately, clicking on that only took you to an advertisement for dog food. Interesting use of the word "till" in a formal letter, then, later, "until your account will be active". No signature or name at the end makes it look even more suspicious.

#3  Finally, the third is very strange.  "Complete a very easy subscribement". Really? Some crook's google translator has let them down unless this is a new word in the urban dictionary. Perhaps it could become word of the year for 2017. I'm glad to see that my time once again is "precious".

 I realized the possibility of a blog as a service to people who might be wondering if this is legitimate. It isn't. The following is copied from the BMO website.

Report Online Fraud
If you receive a suspicious email from a member of BMO Financial Group, do not reply or click on any links. Instead, report the suspicious email to and contact us immediately.

My personal preference would be to telephone or go the the bank. I've become too suspicious. How do I know even the above site and email address are legitimate?

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