Saturday, December 5, 2015

Toronto Christmas Market

It was promoted as the "Toronto Christmas Market" with free admission from Tuesday to Friday. Weekends would cost $5 per person. There would be vendors, entertainment and food galore.

On Thursday, we decided to attend. The price was right and the weather was perfect. It would be an outing for us and a place where we could even bring the dog. The Distillery District, a historical part of the city often used to film t.v. programmes would have more to offer than usual during this season. Parking was relatively simple and close although I doubt this to be the case on weekends. We entered and first saw the magnificent and very tall tree which graced the property.

Besides all the usual designer stores, the bakeries, and galleries, which are a regular part of the Distillery District, there were huts displaying Christmas foods and wares. They even advertised beer, amarulo, cider, hot chocolate, and other assorted drinks. Unfortunately, these were not available for imbibing while we were there...later in the day, I think. Good thing it wasn't cold!

 Hubby wasted no time checking out the assorted wursts, marzipan, and Christmas stollen. Then our puppy showed us that she could do the same ear tricks as the stuffed dogs. Clever.
There were things to see, things to do, things to taste, and all in all it was a lovely day of enjoying the outdoors. I spied this little bird pretending to be part of a display as he flitted from branch to branch nibbling the bright red berries. I was finally able to creep up close enough for a photo.
Of course, my favourite part of all was checking out the gingerbread house and pretending I was the witch from one of my favourite fairy tales, Hansel and Gretel.
Before we left, we had the privilege of hearing a talented quartet called the Candy Cane Carollers. Their voices were a joy to listen to and a culmination to a nice experience.

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