Monday, November 23, 2015

Senior Tips & Hints Part 1

I recently shared some senior tips on Facebook. Whereas I could save these and add to them, I thought I'd write what I've learned thus far. I'm certain there'll be more. If I can save one person from pain and humiliation, this blog will have done its job.

These tips are mainly for older females. That's because I am one and can speak from experience. Take heed.

Hair Hints

 #1 - If you aren't a big fan of change, do not go to a new hair saloon. Eg. I currently look like I bought a box of brown dye at Walmart and coloured my hair in a sink at a bus terminal. On the bright side, it matches the age spots on my face. ‪#‎bikerchick‬

 #2 - When planning to go out in public on a day when you don't want to first wash your hair, it is essential that you use the correct product. For example, instant spray shampoo is NOT the same as instant spray for shoes. Two helpful hints would be - don't be in such a rush, and put on your glasses. That's all.

Jewellery Issues

 Always use a mirror for activities requiring mild to moderate precision. Two hook type earrings might fit through those donut sized teen ear holes, but if you accidentally put two earrings through one of your 1960's piercings, I guarantee a problem. Looking into the mirror after the fact and trying to remove same only poses additional pain and aggravation.‪#‎advantagedyslexics‬


 As some of us have learned, there are body parts that shift and some that droop as we age. There are even limbs that seem to shrink requiring extra caution lest it result in disaster. For example, when using the Kitchenaid mixer after it has had a long hiatus, do not reach across said machine to plug it in with your now shorter saggier arms. This could be extremely painful, particularly if the beater is in the upright position and you forgot to turn the switch to "off" after your last use. On the bright side, I won't have to shave my right armpit anymore.

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