Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wire Wrapping Not Wire Rapping

My friend and I recently registered for a wire wrapping class. Not to be confused with the spoken word poetry to music, this was a class in bending wires to assemble jewellery. We wanted to make a beautiful necklace. Registration was inexpensive and the class took place at a large craft store. We were the only two to arrive on a Friday night and naturally, appreciated the individual attention.

First, we selected and purchased our beads and wires at a discounted price. Next, we laid them on a tray provided, so that we wouldn't be chasing down tiny beads all over the floor.

Then our wonderful instructor gave us the beginner info. and tools. We were glad that we didn't have to purchase pliers, trays, and the like. Using her equipment, we attempted to begin our project. After several re-dos, sore and blackened fingers, and minimal success, we were out of time and I for one was out of patience.  

Here's what I managed to complete after a couple of hours. I connected three beads. In fairness, I did bend all the dozen wires creating the links. My friend was much more skilled and made several segments for her necklace. Clearly, we needed more time and fortunately were offered such on another Friday night, by our instructor.

We had a new plan for our follow up class. We decided more fun was in order. Since we were early, we shopped, snacked, drank, and acted a little silly. Lots of laughs resulted from our little purchase.  Not only that, Yoda, much attention he garnered.

We arrived at the class and once again were the only two. Our instructor was enthusiastic, Yoda watched and we completed our projects as we snacked on Pringles. What a fun time. Here's the result of our efforts...beautiful necklaces.

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