Monday, March 2, 2015

Who Cares? Let's Just Agree It's A Dress!

The latest thing trending on the internet, on facebook and the like is the discussion over this dress. Is it blue and black? Is it white and gold? It's the great dressgate debate for those with too much time on their hands.

 I personally, don't fit into either category. I see neither blue and black nor gold and white. To me, this looks rather like blue and a greenish/brownish sludge type color.
The way the story goes is that someone's mother wore this dress to her daughter's wedding. When photos were sent to friends, there was some disagreement as to the color of the dress. Although it was in actual fact, a blue and black dress, some saw it as gold and white in the pictures. Of course, had it been gold and white, this would have been a major faux pas on the part of the bride's mom so clearly, any thinking person would realize it had to be some other color. It's prettier in gold and white I think.

Apparently, there was some type of optical illusion involved in how people view the color of the dress. Scientists...yes, indeed scientists have weighed in on this earth shattering, world changing issue. The way people see color supposedly varies greatly.  A professor of color science and technology said that the lighting in the photo contributed to the confusion. Makes sense I suppose.

Some have said that how we see the color of the dress is influenced by our mood at the time. Interesting but is this the case for everything we look at?

In The Washington Post, it was suggested that "The answer has something to do with science. And eyes. And color and lights and color balances....Some things don't need to be explained." Good point.

So? What color do you see when you look at the first photo? Is it blue and black? Is it gold and white? Or, like me, do you see something entirely different?

I think we should quit obsessing over this and all just agree.... it's a dress. Not only that, it's a dress which has now become part of pop culture and therefore can probably be sold on ebay for more than the original $70 purchase price.

Thanks to Meanwhile in Canada for the following rather amusing image.

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